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tv   All- American New Year  FOX News  December 31, 2013 11:00pm-12:31am PST

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and bill himmer take over. happy new year, everyone. >> happy new ght. from times sq ♪ >> by the way ♪ let's get it started >> hey, everyone.hasselbeck. >> it is freezing in times square. >> it is. >> but we only have an hour to go. >> an hour to go and have our warmer strategically placed before 2014 and we are trying our best to stay warm. we have a jam packed hour.
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some of your favorites will join us including one of our favorites "duck dynasty" cory robertson. >> megyn kelly who stood here for six years. >> she gave me good advice. >> we'll get her thoughts on what it's like to be warm and rodney atkins. throughout the show, tweet us using #foxnews 2014. you mentioned those body warmers. >> i did. >> we were consulting over the last few weeks. >> we have them. >> on the strategy to stayrateg. >> and bill, very to thank you. you told me, i thought you're kidding to strategically place warmers throughout the body. >> right. >> i thoughts important to do the core in front >> here. >> and then, on the back. what i didn't account for is this wind.
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>> you didn't mention the wind this, is a problem. >> tonight ringing of the new year with you. >> that is right. >> duck dynasty willy robertson is a ceo. cory robertson his lovely wife, and business partner, we're thankful they've decided to share new year's with us. >> happy new year >> happy new year, guys. >> we're in colorado at a steak house ready to break in the nur year. >> it's great to have you. >> we can just about barely hear you, willy. you you know you have been in the news for weeks now. and this is our opportunity
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to ask you what went on. what did you think about a & e's decision regarding your father? >> well we're just glad to be back to work. a & e are fine, we're looking forward to making funny shows and new year, we're ready to break in the new year, start over again. >> i bet, congratulations on. that now, you've made a decision to go back with a & e another season. how did you looking forward to 2014, how did you arrive at that decision? well rear ready to start getted we have a new season and excited about that. and a couple episodes now and will be looking forward. we're ready to move on. you know? and we learned a lot. family is
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happy. ready to go. >> i got to make sure my guys are back there billed duck callers. >> what does cory think about that? >> i'm just glad the family is together. best thing is that we get to do it together as a family the fact we get to do that, we're all happy, happy, happy. you know korie i know you a great mom and awesome wife.
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>> yes. yes. >> it should be interesting. we we just try to stick together and have fun and laugh at each other. we sit down and thank god for our blessings and continue to do that. hopefully we can spread that message and i think as a country if we can come back to that maybe we'll have a great 2014. >> yeah, i hired a good assistant for me and so that assistant will be with me on the show this year. from me. >> okay. so... very to ask, who, who breaks their resolution first? korie or willy? who is first? >> going to break one first? >> break it? >> we have to make one to break one. are you going to make one this year? >> i'm not big on resolutions. >> yeah. >> probably... >> it will be me. >> willy.
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>> break one to make one. >> what is your father doing tonight? >> i reckon he's asleep. >> he goes to bed early because he gets up in a few hours. he's got not a big celebrator of the holidays. he'll be getting up, hopefully getting some ducks. hopefully, they made it down there. >> you know we had a great time with you when we came out to visit. i had the best time with your family we are thankful you joined our family today. and aur of the families and millions watching tonight we wish you a most happy new year, we're going to talk to you after the ball drops. which is fun, too.
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>> yes, we are. >> you know, willy? what do you think america could look forward to in this next season? just give us an idea about what's happening inside with your family at the moment? >> a little bit. >> just a lot more good shows. and fun, good times from the family. we're excited. our christmas album did great. so we had lots to be thankful for in 2013, for sure. we're out here in colorado and doing skiing so hopefully i don't blow my knee out. >> we'll see new an hour, don't move. thank you. >> we're getting close, guys. >> we are. >> here is more country to ring in 2014. rodney atkins performing his hit song "these are my people". here is rodney.
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♪ >> ♪ we were football flunkies cranking up the stereo and the man ain't curtis low ♪ and thee ♪ got discount knowledge at junior college ♪ but majored in beer and girls ♪ it was funny until we ran out of ♪ then, they threw us out into the world. we're loving and laughing and busting our asss and calling it living a dream ♪ these are my people ♪ this is where i
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come from ♪ giving this life everything we've got and then some ♪ it's real it's the way we were made won't have it any other way ♪ these are my people ♪ we make it to a friday night and it's church league soft ball hollered out a bad call ♪ then ready to run at times square tavern ♪ and beers a pouring until monday morning ♪ then, we start it over again ♪ these are my people ♪ this is where i come from ♪ giving everything we've got and then some ♪ ain't always winning ♪ but it's real these
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are my people ♪ we fall down we get up ♪ we walk around we got heart ♪ baby oh ♪ these are my people ♪ this is where i come from ♪ giving this life everything we've got and then some ♪ ain't always winning but it's real ♪ it's the way we're made ♪ won't have it any other way ♪ these are my people
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♪ >> we're loving that sound. >> nice guy, too. he is. just got married in november. >> nicely done. >> we're talking resolutions if you can't figure out what yours should be, guess what? bill o'reilly is going to join us with words of wisdom. plus, we want to hear from you. tweet us using hash tag fox news 2014. >> also vote for your favorite feel-good story of the year. we've got great options for you. >> we sure do. >> tell what yous your favorite music video was could it be "blurred lines"? @w@wowowpg÷÷g
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>> this year i am going to work out. >> clean my office before health department condemns it. >> my resolution for 2014 is to
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embrace... >> how are you feeling hasslebeck? >> feeling good, hemmer, how are you? >> feeling good. first i want to check in on our terrific team we have. >> throughout the coast coast. right? >> all over the place we have ainsley earhardt in times square. griff jenkins covering the party sdmeen a local new york city hang out called bounce. and rick leventhal in is miami. >> yes. yes. rubbing it in. >> rocking it out.
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>> ainsley, hello. happy new year >> hey bill, hey, elizabeth. you're doing such a great job. happy new year, this is how our bodies feel. it's so cold, so much fun. we have a great family from north carolina a fellow carolina girl. you brought your daughters? >> i did. it's wonderful. we're enjoying ourselves. >> are you freeze something >> we have lots of hand warmers. >> is it worth it? would you do it again? >> yes. worth it. >> what is the best part? >> probably being so close to the artists. it's amazing seeing them so close. >> you're in front of the stage. >> are you having snun >> yes. so much fun. >> happy new year, girls! >> ainsley always goes for carolina crowd. >> she does.
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>> a little bit of home here in new york. >> i love she warms our heart. you're having a good time, ainsley. now time to check in with griff jenkins. right? he's at bounce. hay, griff. >> hey. it's heating up here in bounce. i'm with talia. people in the booth get vip treatment. what is that? >> vip treatment gets you champagne, sparklers. >> part of the action is that it's going to be sparklers, you get the night, look at that. here we go over here. >> see if they're having fun. >> yes. yes.
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>> usa! usa! usa! >> all right. we're having fun. back to you. >> almost looks illegal. >> thank you, griff. well done. >> how new york city police department keeping everybody safe tonight. how is it going? >> billy. you know, new york city is a prime target for terrorist attacks. you can see police taking no chances. they've sealed off every side street with officers and check points and checking carefully every person coming into times square. there are no large bags or backpacks allowed here. anyone who does get in is herded where they have to stay for the evening. there they leave they can't come back. there are s.w.a.t. teams and hazmat teams including these guys from nypd emergency unit. there has not
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been a need for the guys but i feel safer with them around. so do we. thank you, rick. >> rick, thanks. and i'm sure it's going to heat it up for sure. >> tell us what is going on there. >> time has come to embieb in a little champagne over there as they call it in france. this is the bar. one of 20 bars. here are people from new york city. what are your thoughts? >> we're ready and excited for a new year. >> happy new year, everybody. >> thank you very much. >> so this is where everyone is gathering at 11:30, hello, ladies. >> these people under from montreal. >> happy new year. >> thank you.
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>> cheers everyone. >> everyone dressed nice here in miami. like tight dresses guys dressed sharply, such as this, and you know, a lot of people having a good time. it's a friendly crowd tonight here for raul williams he's about to take the stage at 11:30 countdown to midnight. and then, boom, it's afro jack. if you don't know who that is, in miami, you don't know jack. back to you in new york. take it away. >> we're working on it, phil. >> all right. >> we're going to being check in to get some of your favorite personalities, new year resolutions. and wait until you hear what owe hiely has to offer tonight. >> oh, my. i'm not sure i can wait for that. >> words from on high, let's say. >> a lot we want you guys to
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vote on your favorite music video on news do you know what this is? are you going to vote for it? take a listen.
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♪ i get a good feeling yeah ♪ oh sometimes i get a good feeling ♪ >> i just love this fox family. i sure do. >> are you feeling at home now? >> i feel right at home. i sure do. i love hearing all the resolutions. right now in the huge crowd of over a million people we have two of the five. >> two of the five. >> that's right. >> we don't know where the other three-fifths went. bob beckel and kimberly guilfoyle. >> happy new year's. i'm having a great time with bob. >> unbelievable. i can't believe how cold it is but we're here and, listen -- >> are you feeling better because i'm your personally delivered body warmer?
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>> i went around the crowd asking who wanted to marry you and there were so many people that i decided that i'd turn it off. there aren't enough divorce lawyers in america to handle that. >> that's so terrible it's awesome. bob, i've been looking for love in all the wrong places. >> there's plenty of -- there's plenty of them here but i wouldn't recommend marrying them. i wouldn't recommend it. i won't recommend marrying them. look at the crowd good for you. somewhere here there is a man, a husband for kimberly. i know there is. >> i just want to keep the faith for 2014 for a girl from san francisco looking for love. i've been trying to find a date for you. i haven't been able to do it yet. >> in this crowd? there are a million people here. >> owe no takers yet. >> because you told them only a two-hour take. is that right? >> might have something to do with it. >> i mention this. if you're
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from san francisco how did you get to be so conservative? >> i was just drawn here to the east coast. you know, former prosecutor, bob. prosecutor. >> i lost that in the translation. now. it's the first time i've done this, it's amazing. >> we can tell. >> isn't it? >> we're wrapping this baby up. >> keep it clean. >> all right. >> well done. >> you know, makes you take that act to the rooted >> they should take it to times square. >> i love that >> tonight megyn kelly and bill o'reilly have a special message for you at home. don't move. >> speaking of you we want to hear from you. miley cyrus a lot of head lines but is her song "we can't stop" your
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favorite? vote online! [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?°
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♪ the joint is jumpin' osteo bi-flex® elps strengthen your joints.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex can help your joints.° osteo bi-flex... also in joint & muscle and joint & bone. >> i pledge to keep go together gym 2, 3 times per week though i hate it. >> for for 2014 it's like health
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care. keep it. >> you know, the question is whether they'll keep any of those resolutions. what does the money tell you? they're your colleagues now. >> right. i would bet on the fact that they would keep them. i'm not getting that feeling from you. are you pessimistic? >> no. >> optimistic. >> big time. hey, 28 minutes to the big ball drop 2014 rolls on in here. you ready? >> i am. sure, i am. those new year's resolutions are going to kick in. if you haven't come up with one
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you still have time but also have bill o'reilly host of "the o'reilly factor." he has some ideas for you. idea >> there you go. >> happy new year, everybody. producer of the fox nuts special is a guy name porter berry he used to work for me. i taught him everything he knows he beg immediate to do this to give you advice for the upcoming year, 2014. now, i, you know, advice from me, okay. i'll give it a shot. here is what i think everybody should try to do. one, save 10% of your take home pay okay? save 10%. no matter how tough that is. save it or day down debt if you have a lot. 10%. every week. okay? two if you have stocks put stops on them all everyone of them. so if there is a craziness in the new year which i'm not anticipating. it
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could. that you don't get blown out of the water here. and three, keep a positive attitude you know? our usa is strong. we're a strong people here, we've got problems with the current administration. and problems on a social front. we're here to try to help everybody out. we'll remain so in 2014. again, happy new year. and back to you guys. >> how about that? a bonus talking points on new year's eve. >> it was. >> we didn't have to pay for it. >> no. waits practically positive. >> thank you, bill. happy new year to you. >> you're a survivor. >> i am. how do you survive tonight? >> i'm okay. can we share our warming strategy? >> yes. yes. mine is here. >> mine is here. >> okay. yours is here >> right here. ready? >> mine is here >> okay. >> back to back, like that. just
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like. that a moment of warmth. you have to do what have you to do >> also one here. >> just self preserve. >> so listen, 26 minutes away. the joint is going to go crazy the woman who stood here six years is home, toasty and warm tonight. >> she's my hero. >> megyn kelly happy new year. >> happy new year. it was six long freezing cold years. it was -- no, it was lovely. tonight, this year i figured i'd have a nice cozy little evening at home by myself with my husband. and we're not doing anything, we're not going out, not seeing anyone. what?
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wait a minute? what is that? maybe we went out for a little bit. as it turns out, let me tell you there is a life outside of time square on new year's eve. i am at this place that is way too cool for me. am out of practice i don't know what to wear. people have masks on. they're on stilts and there are belly dancers. it's clear i stick out but i will be here every year if not in times square. >> how fun, megyn. i've employed your skrat strat jis -- strategies in terms of keeping warm. >> four years ago bill and i went through felt like astronaut training. 18 degrees and every hour the lord would deprive you of another one of your senses just to see if you can function. bill's jaw was first to freeze
11:36 pm
mine was the second. by the time it ended neither one of us is making any sense whatsoever. >> meg, that wind came from the north that year. >> being a meteorologist you knew. that i want you to know tonight wind is coming from the north. >> thank you. >> here is my advice to elizabeth. when they play "imagine" before midnight, it's a beautiful moment smchlt people will be unhappy with you if you compliment that song. then, i want to tell you you think no one can hear you when you're singing "new york, new york", they can. >> so you're like, you're happy. that you're warm... >> i got to tell you. i have got
11:37 pm
a saucy dress on and high heels i'm at a cool place with my man and friends but i miss you dear lichl i love you both and i give you major props for being out there in freezing cold weather. you're good people. >> you have done it well for many years. we're glad you're enjoying it. well deserved. >> who is that woman behind you? >> what is she doing there? my abs looked like that after three children. trust me. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. see you next year. >> happy new year. >> well... it's good to hear from her. >> right? >> that is not taped earlier. >> no. megyn is live having a good time. nice, cozy feeling to hear from her. she warned me about that. we're just minute as way from the moment we have all been waiting for the ball is going to drop here
11:38 pm
in times square. but first a special message from our troops. >> yes. remember our troops today on sacrificed so much, there we gochlt there we go, hassleback. >> yes. yes. >> vote for your favorite feel good story of the year. >> that might qualify. >> let us know what your favorite music video can be. >>
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sending you lots of good will. ♪ let's go ♪ party rock is in the house everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ we're going to make you lose your mind ♪goodwill. >> we're inching closer to when the ball will drop in times square. is he in a balmy
11:42 pm
location in miami. >> hi, happy new year, everybody. we have 20 minutes to go. we have farrell on the stage probably going to go down as having the biggest song in 2013. his hit he co-wrote with robin thicke "blurred lines". how sit going? happy new year. tell the nation happy new year. good job. and you guys back here well dressed and looking good. here is a crowd. take a look at crowd. we're taking it back to new york. the crowd here are is, i'm going to say, beautiful.
11:43 pm
>> great. great. something. go live. here now the group "blues traveller". >> traveler ♪ >> it goes something like this. ♪ng called "but anyway" that goes a little something like this. ♪
11:44 pm
♪ she wanted home but anyway i think i'll spend my life and i don't care right now but anyway ♪ ♪ [ music ] >> 16 minutes before 2014. hang on >> and plus, we're going to read your tweets so tweet us and go to news to vote for your favorite feel good story of the year and let us know about your favorite video. >> in the meantime, blues traveller continues in vegas.
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♪ just dance ♪ just dance
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>> eyes of the world are watching times square >> right. billions of them. >> you know for anyone, anywhere. >> you're right about that. >> people are watching and millions here are joining us. >> it is 11:48. nearly 12,000 pound waterford crystal ball will begin it's decent in moments. light monthed yules capable of creating a palette of billions of patterns. >> that is fascinating. so check
11:49 pm
in with us. live in time square two of the five co-hosts. bob beckel and kimberly guilfoyle and ainsley earhardt is down there and griff jenkins is in miami having a good time. right? but we're going to begin with bob and kimberly. hi, you two. >> here we are. we're in great place tonight the things a girl will do to stay warm. >> did you know we're going to cover that race in alaska? >> we'll be feeling the love. >> look at the crowd back there. >> are you having a good time? yes?
11:50 pm
they're happy >> and people were so excited there is a huge round of applause for miley cyrus just three feet from us. >> bob is like who is that? >> i remember when she was hannah montana. i liked her, then she got into whatever you call it. so we, now, listen here is a question. i have yet to find anyone turning you down as a husband.. >> i would like a nice guy. >> did you find me a date yet? >> nochlt i'm going up to $500 for bob beckel. any takers ladies? for bob beckel? >> maybe right here? will you go on a date with bob beckel? >> for sure? >> yes. >> we have one taker ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you.
11:51 pm
>> just one person. you just happen to be in the right place snchlt >> we get close to the new year we want to you shout out to our five co-hosts. >> we love the five. >> we love you guys. >> all right. >> thank you. >> cheers. >> we'll check in with bob after the stroke of midnight. >> they both look good. >> going to check with ainsley earhardt. how is it go something >> we're having such a great time out here. so much to celebrate. have you hats everyone is wearing. they're waiting for the ball to drochlt i've learned have you to come out early if you want to be close to the balls and you have to be bundled up we're wearing gloves and warmers in our socks, and we're bundled
11:52 pm
up. i'm hearing from these people that are coming out here like 9:00 in the morning they haven't eaten all day or been able to leave the spot to go to the rest room. but they're dedicated most of them say they're doing this once this, is it but they're glad they're here and they're waiting for the ball to drop. we're going to be here to ring in the new year with you. thanks for watching such a fun night. back to you. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> we're going to check in with griff jenkins on new york city party scene at bounce having a good time. >> this place is rocking. little
11:53 pm
fact about this park. tonight, are you ready for 2014? what is this year going to be looking like for you? >> grad weight from college looking for a job. >> what about you? >> starting a new year. >> and how do you plan to keep this hot chick? >> the jacket does the work. i don't have to do anything. >> cheers, guys how about that. what do you want for 2014? >> happy, healthy 2014. >> velvet is the new suede. >> do you have plans? >> i want to have an amazing year. no sadness. all happiness.
11:54 pm
>> there you go. new years resolution just to be more awesome than 2013. back to you. thank you >> bill found friends tonight. haven't you, bill? >> right here, it's south beach. we have about 3,000 people here poolside. up there we've got pharrell williams spinning beats. this could be our favorite table so far. happy new years ladies. >> cheers >> oh, my gosh. >> crazy. >> but he's the big thing happening now. he's going to count us down here all of south beach is going to be happening. and 2014 hopefully will be into
11:55 pm
better than 2013. after that, afro jack. then, and happy new year. >> thanks, thanks. >> 2014! >> are you going to >> happy new year >> this is a family show. that is a bit of adventure of life television, everybody. >> hi, everybody. >> i'll talk to you later. >> some people had too much champagne. it's crazy. >> anyway, it's a good party
11:56 pm
here. all of these cabanas. miami turns out one of the more expensive places to be. lil wayne is playing down the street there is a table going for $100,000. is that unbelievable? hi, lady. happy new year. >> what sdrou to say for new year's eve? >> happy new year's eve. >> happy new year. i love you all. >> very well done. well done. >> and as we meander away towards the stage just check it out. wrapping it up, going to countdown here in miami. back to new york city. happy new year's eve. he we've got our money's worth, huh? >> thank you. >> things are heating up, phil,
11:57 pm
thank you for bringing up heat from miami. >> this is the moment megyn was playing. they say "imagine" in times square. >> it's nearly in your bones when you thaer. millions of people gathered here waiting to see that ball drop. just thinking about the year behind and ahead. this is as cool as you described it to be >> right. a lot of challenges and changes in 2013. and we welcome the new year with same amount of vigor and enthusiasm and energy and a lot of other things, a time for renewal. starting again. here we are. two and a half minutes to go. we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to a new experience together. >> certainly a great time to give that virtual toast to those
11:58 pm
that mean a lot to you. facebook, or twitter or via text. it's a great way to stay connected. with the people that mean most. and with my buddy here to ring in 2013 >> there is the ball. a small sample. >> look. how many different colors and glass. >> it's fascinating. this is new, every year. meant to reflect a triangle across that ball. it is over 11,000 pounds. >> so justice sotomayor is with us. and the new mayor being sworn in, she's beginning the signal for the ball to come down
11:59 pm
beginning in just one minute. and 15 seconds. and then, we'll be in that whole new frame where that digit 20 # 13 shifts to 2014. >> that ball has come a long way the year has been exceptional and challenging. here we gochlt one minute away. >> can it be? the final minute of 2014?
12:00 am
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:01 am
♪ ♪ start spreading the news ♪ i'm leaving today ♪ i want to be a part of it, new york, new york ♪ these vagabaun shoes ♪ ♪ are longing to stray ♪ right through the very heart of it, new york, new york ♪ ♪ i want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep ♪ ♪ ♪ and find i'm king of the hill,
12:02 am
top of the heap ♪ ♪ these little town blues ar ♪ aree melting away ♪ i'll make a brand new start oi it, in old new york ♪ ♪ if i can make it there, i'll make it anywhere ♪ ♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪ ♪ ♪ new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps ♪
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♪ and find i'm a number one, top of the list, king of the hill, a number one ♪ ♪ these little town blues e- ♪ are melting away ♪ i'm gonna make a brand new start of it in old new york ♪ ♪ and if i can make it there i'm gonna make it anywhere ♪ u ♪ it's up to you new york, new
12:04 am
york ♪ ♪ new york ♪ >> wow.enco what do you do for an encore? >> you just smile and take it in. happy new year. >> what did you think? >> i don't even have words. >> what was it, the three tons of confetti? was it the ball? was it the million people? or was it the fireworks in central park?ble >> it was the great company and all of that and being able to share it with you, our fox family, the millions of people who joined us tonight. being here in times square, unprecedented fun i will say. breathtaking. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, my friend. happy new year, guys.
12:05 am
>> it's official. you're in. you're on the team. >> i am initiated. >> are you good with that? >> you've got it, bud. >> this isio your initiation. new year. >> happy new year. >> check in with our team. who do you want to start with >> now? >> from our family to your family, a very awesome 2014. >> so you want to go to beckle and gill foil in times square. you have crib on the bar town here. phil's getting another drink in miami. >> heating it up in miami. all-american fun right there. >> let's start with bob and kimberly. what's up, guys? >> we're on now. i'll tell you, i've never seen anything like this. - i thought i wouldn't like it down here. this is unbelievable, isn't it?e
12:06 am
>> it is absolutely unbelievable. i'm sou, happy to be spending i with you, bob. absolutely amazing. happy new year. happy 2014. now you've seen a lot of husbands none of them stand up to the fine man you are tonight. >> you know what i'm trying not to do this in new york tonight. >> the confetti falling, it's y electric. an incredible way to start 2014, that is for sure. i'm so happy i'm doing it with you. >> you,, too. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, bob.m i choose you over all of them. >> so after all of this time, e they were looking for a date and they found each other. >> all this time. they were right there all night. >> right. we were there. miracles happening. >> you know what, we have this for you on new year's.
12:07 am
we have our back-to-back moves.r >> it works. it works. >> here's ainsley in times square. >> hey, guys. happy new year! what a wonderful time to be in times square. so fun and so much to be thankful for. thank you for hiring us. thank you, america. a what a great country and all of our service men and women he fighting for all of our country. hello to all of our families ane loved ones back home. just reminds me of how blessed and how fortunate i am to be standing in the middle of new york city.t'of it's a lot of fun. back to you guys.fu you did a great job. >> all right. happy new year. you had a couple of people to talk to behind you there. check in with chris now. he's dancing on some bar somewhere in manhattan.
12:08 am
chris -- >> how exciting. >> happy new year, guys. i actually got to count down the ball here. we're dancing on the bar. i just want to say thank you to everyone. we have thee greatest job in ths bar. they're kissing and having fun.e what's your hope for 2014? what's your resolution for 2014k >> health, happiness and success. >> what about you? >> happiness and success. >> you can see it's getting kind of crazy. back to you. happy new year, guys. >> see you soon. >> happy new year to you and everybody there. jill keating is still in miami. happy new year, bill. >> oh, my gosh, this is 2014 ad everyone's going bonkers. grammy award winning d.j. just
12:09 am
took the stage. ladies are dancing. guys, what are your thoughts about 2014 being upon you. >> going to be a great year. >> happy new year, everyone. >> that's the only way to celebrate down here. happy new year to you. this is classic. some places have live music, live bands. down here the icd.j. is king.he three d.j.s get paid 400 grand play music for four hours. it's a good gig if you've got it. there are only a few d.j.s in the world who can do this. afro jack is going to do this, going to spin and play music until 2:00 a.m. inside the club known as live piesto, bigger than afro jacks,i he's going to spin the beat
12:10 am
until 7:00 a.m. now, the question is, will fox news channel stay awake until 7:00 a.m. a oh, my gosh, it's crazy. party it up. happy new year! >> oh, my gosh. >> beautiful people down here. i don't know how to contain myself. >> oh, boy oh, boy. happy new year. everybody in new york.body back to you.p >> thank you, phil. >> phil, thanks.he happy new year to you. >> you know, he was the perfectf guy for that job tonight. >> he was really the perfect guy for that job.ab >> absolutely. right now we've got a special message from the "duck dynasty" family.ri back with us from steam boat springs. >> we havets willie robertson, e ceo of the family business, and cory robertson, his lovely wife join us. happy new year.
12:11 am
thank you for being with us. >> happy new year. how are you doing? >> looks fun there. >> did you guys share a new year's kiss?t? >> not yet.ea it's not the new year yet here so we're celebrating with y'all on the east coast. we're going to celebrate in a couple of hours here. my i'm sure i'll get my kiss then. willie, we thought you migt want to practice. >> yeah. >> all right. >> we practiced. >> want to share it. >> oh, no. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> willie, let me go on vacation for you. >> trying to come in for my kiss kiss. >> hey, korie, what do you expect for 2014? >> you know, we've been so blessed in 2013 that i think that -- i just hope that it
12:12 am
continues.k we're going to stick together as a family and keep doing what we're doing and keep giving god all the glory. i think we'll be good. >> yeah, it's going to be a ef greatul year.mplo hopefully my employees will kee building duck calls. i'm away so i know nobody's been putting together any duck calls since i've been gone so i've got to get back there and crack the whip. >> we didn't know we'd be l getting a special visit there. you have more of a special visit, who is that, luke brian who crashed into that shot and give you a kiss? >> that was lukeha bryan who crashed my party. my we're warming up for karaoke ann we're going to have a sing-off. >> willie, we call that a photo bomb of the third degree. >> yeah. >> listen, you've had a hugely successful 2013.
12:13 am
didn't mean to interrupt. hugely successful 2013. what is your expectation in the new year now? what is it that you and your family want to do? >> well, you know, we're just going to keep looking for p opportunities. this year was a great year with television. we set aar lot of marks. we're hoping to do that on that television. we have a christmas album out. i don't know, i want to slow down just a little bit and kindi of enjoy it all, be with the h family atmore. what a great year and we'll jusu see what's coming up for us. everybody's real happy and we go around and do our fishing and talking. there's a lot of fans here in steam boat, colorado. a lot of "duck dynasty" fans. it's great being out here tryina to do a little i'm not that good though. >> the wives in 2014 we share some secrets, some behind the beard secrets. >> we'll watch for that.cert
12:14 am
>> we certainly love sharing the new year with you both. korie, what's your wish for >> 2014? >> you know, it's just i guess blessings. i pray blessings on our country. we have a strong cause for adoption. one of our children is adopted r in 2014. try to get more kids some homes. that's one of our goals and hopefully as a country we just o come together. > i'm going to take better ce of my beard this year than lasto year. more lotions and all. yeah, i need to give back to the beard. >> wow. happy new year. >> happy new year.u. nice being with you. >> thank y'all for having us. >> best to all of your family. >> you bet. >> enjoy 2014. i will let you guys share a kiss
12:15 am
off camera. heyus now one of the biggeso musical stars on the planet is here to wish us all a good ni story. >> you've been voting all night. the results are coming up as our new year's continues. it is 2014! ♪ ♪
12:16 am
12:17 am
12:18 am
12:19 am
>> time for the big reveal. all night long we've been asking you to vote on your favorite music video of the year. now we get the results. we gave you ten options. number 3, 11% of the vote "royals." love that. number two was "22" by taylor shift. she's 24. and the favorite music video of 2013 was "cruise" featured by nelly. >> roll my window down and cruise. ♪ ♪ ♪ what up, nelly ♪ yeah, when i first saw that
12:20 am
bikini top on hershey's popping right out of a south georgia waters ♪ ♪ i thought, oh, good lord, she had long pink lips ♪ >> how about that? >> that's a pretty good song, huh? >> you have spoken. >> we heard it loud and clear. you also weighed in on one of your favorite feel-good stories. which one tugged at your heart strings. number three with over 5,000 likes, the inspiring image of 3-year-old giovani saluting along side his father, master sergeant jack duquette at fort dix. josh curtis counting his blessings and praying before walking down the aisle and he simply inspired millions with that photo. your favorite feel-good story of
12:21 am
2013 with over 13,000 likes is lance corporal myers spotting a young boy struggling to finish a 5 k and making the decision to encourage him along the way. >> nicely done. >> that's incredible. >> a couple about to get married when they're holding hands. >> all of them. >> around the wall before they walk down the aisle. really cool stuff. you're seeing the confetti. this stuff is blowing all over the place here. did you see the shot of the sidewalk here? >> covered. >> tradition is times squares empty about 1215. >> people are moving. >> it's almost 12:22 now. >> look at this. >> they're on the way out of here. >> just so you know we weren't making up the cold here, that stuff is blowing in the wind. >> i didn't realize the confetti was so big here. it took me ten years to find this out. >> we've been waiting for you. tons is dropped all over. they did a test to make sure it
12:22 am
wouldn't hurt anyone's eyes earlier today. >> did they? >> yeah, they wanted to make sure no one would be hurt by the confetti. don't make me test again in 2014. >> yeah. >> they say it takes 48 hours. i think with the new york attitude, this joint's wrapped up by 4:00 a.m. >> i think everyone will contribute and pick up the confetti on the way. >> no. these folks are headed to the bar. we're trying to find griff >> in moments, susan boyle. it is once again, 2014 ♪ so we can get back but we young right now, we die right now so get up right now ♪ ♪ because all we've got is right now ♪ ♪ tomorrow way too far away ♪ we can't get back yesterday, but we young right now ♪
12:23 am
♪ we've got right now so get up right now ♪ ♪ that's all we've got is right now ♪
12:24 am
12:25 am
12:26 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so, you know, we did a poll. we tried to figure out whether or not people keep their new year's resolution. >> right. >> how many people in that pole do you think did? >> i would guess half. am i close? >> not even close. 8%. >> 8%. >> 8%? that's how weak we are. >> how many made their resolutions. >> that's a good one. >> i don't know the answer to that. i'm asking without knowing. >> where are your kids tonight, by the way? they're at home. >> grace, taylor and isaiah, if
12:27 am
you're still up, happy new year, i love you, now get to bed. >> to my family in ohio, all around cincinnati, up in cleveland, happy new year to everybody back at home. it's going to be a great year in 2014. we also did this poll. we tried to figure out whether people were optimistic or not. >> yes. >> and a slim majority, 51% said they were more optimistic about 2014 than they were 2013. >> which is fantastic. that's great news i will say from my optimistic half -- >> right. >> -- that is great in order to tilt those that may not feel as optimistic. >> because we've stood out here in 2009, 2010, 2011, it was like, good riddance. >> yes. >> get on out of here. >> 2012 was like that as well. >> right on. 2014 we say welcome and what in the world took you so long? happy new year, everybody. before we say good night tonight, a new year's tradition
12:28 am
right here at the fox news channel. you can't get much better than this. >> tonight, susan boyle with a classic, auld ang sign. happy new year. >> we are live in times square to ring in 2014 together with you. ♪ with all acquaintance be forgot -- >> here's to a new year. a year when it often never feels like work. >> happy new year, everybody! >> happy new year! >> hey, happy new year, everybody. >> it's great to be home. i got home in july from afghanistan. >> first time here? >> yes, ma'am. >> will you ever do this again? >> no, ma'am. >> very cold. >> new york city is always a prime target for terrorist attacks. no specific threats this year. as you can see, the police taking no chances. >> i love new york. i'm amazed at that city, the way
12:29 am
it looks and the job you're doing there tonight, but i'm amazed that people would come out and visibly choose to freeze to watch a ball drop down in another year. >> oh, my god, we've got a party here! happy new year to you guys! >> i'm not big on that. >> i'm not big on that. >> happy 2014. >> happy new year! >> this is how our bodies feel. we're so cold but it's so much fun! >> i can't believe how cold it is, but we're here. and, listen -- >> let me explain -- >> i'd like to take this opportunity to say, happy new year, mom and dad, because they're probably watching fox news. >> what is the coolest thing that you've seen so far in new york city on this trip? >> well, everything's pretty
12:30 am
much amazing. so i can't really decide. >> you know what, i think you're absolutely right about that. everything is pretty amazing. well said. aid. hello and welcome to apologies, "red eye's" mildly amusing 2013 new year's' special taped july 2012. tonight -- >> coming up, a look back at the year in news no one covered including the world's most dedicated dog refusing to stop jumping rope until obamacare gets appealed. a giant evil squid in the


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